Tour de Crim on Your Bike!

Tour de Crim

Many run and walk down the famous blue line that marks the Crim 10 mile course, but how many have ever rode it via bike?  And no, the hand cycle event doesn’t count.

The Crim is giving everyone a chance to ride the course this year in the inaugural Tour de Crim bike challenge on Saturday, May 11 starting at 11 AM.  The event will not be timed and stresses fun family activities as kids 12 and over can participate in the ride, and more activities will be available for all ages downtown.  At the same time, the event’s tagline reads “Bike the Blue then Enjoy a Brew” so if the family stuff doesn’t get you excited maybe the FREE beverage of choice at the finish will.

Not only will there be entertainment on certain parts of the course (not sure about the Crispy Kreme’s and coffee shots) but there will be four stops along the course where participants will have the option to go through some fun obstacles.  The Crim website states some of the obstacles consist of:

  • Crawling on the ground through netting
  • Running around a track while jumping small hurdles
  • Navigating through an inflatable obstacle course
  • Hula hoops, and rope ladders, and the limbo

The obstacles consist of varying difficulty, so younger kids will be able to do the easy ones and adults can still be challenged with more difficult options if they choose.

The event will also have costume and bike contests and kids will also be able to learn about bike safety.

I’ve never heard of a bike ride obstacle course combo but the event seems to fit the mission of the Crim Fitness Foundation and should be a good time for families to have fun and be active, as well as experience the Crim course in a different way.

You can register for the bike ride only, or for the bike and race combo to save some money if know you will be doing both.

More details about the Tour de Crim can be found on their website.